Friday, June 15, 2018

Lathe machine & it's types


Lathe- lathe is machine in which the cutting tool perform various motion against the metal job. To form various shape & size of jobs. lathe is generally a machine in which different cutting tools are there.
There is generally Single cutting tool & multiple cutting tool. lathe contains various components. Various required shapes & sizes of metal jobs are formed. The spindle rotates with high speed & the metal job is attached with the chuck.

Components of lathe 

BED- it is base or Foundation which is made of single casting. It is very heavy part of lathe & used as a base for lathe.

HEAD STOCK- The head stock is on the left side of lathe bolted with bed. It contains chuck, spindle, driven, gears etc.head stock is generally a part of lathe which is attached with the base or Foundation.

Tail Stock- it is the component of lathe which is on the right side of lathe. And the tail stock is free to move. It can be easily move & used for driller holding.

Carriage- it is component of lathe used for supporting & tool control.

Carriage contain various parts  various parts which are shown below.

Saddle- it is part of carriage and is used for supporting cutting tool & moves along with the guide is and H-casting type form component of lathe & is just about the bed and can be slide easily.Used for supporting & tool control. It moves along with guide ways.

Cross-slide- it is the tool post used for supporting & holding.

Compound rest- it is part of the carriage & used to machining of metal job at various angles. Taper turning is generally a cutting the metal job with an angle.

Apron- it is generally fitted with saddle. It has gear, lever& clutches attached for moving carriage as lead screw are attached
For (used in thread cutting operation)

Lathe accessories​- it is used for supporting & handling purpose.

Chucks- three jaw universal chuck
               Four Jaw independent chuck
               Combination chuck
               Magnetic chuck
               Hydraulic chuck

Face plate
Angle plate
Driving plate

Grinding attachment
Drilling attachment
Reaming attachment

Types of lathe 

Speed lathe- it is a type of lathe in which the spindle rotates at high speed & variable motor is attached to the head stock of the lathe. In speed lathe the spindle rotation is at very high rpm & used for machining in various purposes like in machining of wood, polishing etc

Engine lathe- it is a center lathe & it provide required amount of spindle speed. The speed of spindle is not more as it can be set at the required amount.used for forming various shape& sizes of metal this the carriage performs longitudinal direction & transverse direction.

Bench lathe- it is a type of lathe which is mounted on the bench. It's size is small than speed lathe & generally used for obtaining more accuracy & used for less sizes of metal jobs making with good accuracy.

Tool room lathe machine- it is a type of lathe which produces number of metal jobs with high accuracy & is more accurate then the engine lathe.tool room lathe are lathe which produces jobs with accurate.

Turret lathe- it is a type of lathe which perform motion by using multi cutting tool.
This type of lathe are generally used for obtaining jobs in bulk or used in mass production.

Automatic lathe- this is a type of lathe in which the tool rotates automatically for forming various sizing & shapes of metallic jobs. As the name suggests it performs automatic functions & produces number of jobs in mass production.